Infinite Grand (Kontakt)


Yamaha Baby Grand Piano with infinitely looped granular time-stretched effects.


A Yamaha Baby Grand instrument with granulated time stretched piano effects that can be infinitely sustained and filtered in real-time. This time stretched piano was designed to create subtle or intense piano ambiences without the need for extremely long reverbs that often damage a mix.

Time Stretched Piano Kontakt Instrument

Infinite Grand samples a Yamaha Baby Grand, intimately recorded using an old Neumann U87 and two shiny Earthworks SR30s. Each key was captured at three distinct velocities. The loudest velocity from 43 keys was then time stretched using custom granular effects and is put through a controllable filter. The instrument features the option of mapping this filter to incoming note velocities to simulate the harmonic content normally attributed to piano dynamics. With this option activated, time stretched effects perfectly blend with the standard piano tones at any velocity.

Close and stereo microphone volume, as well as the time stretched effects, can be adjusted or muted to change the instrument’s tone and the degree of ambience. Attack and release options on the time stretched FX offer further flexibility.

Please note: This instrument uses the same ‘base’ samples (i.e. Close Mic and Stereo Mic) as MK6 Plucked Grand. These instruments sound great played together, however you may wish to look into which piano instrument is best suited to your needs.


  • FX Volume: Time stretched effects volume.
  • Filter FX: Cutoff frequency of the time stretched effects.
  • Velocity Map: Incoming note velocity adjusts the cutoff frequency of the filter. Scales to the Filter FX control.
  • FX Attack: The time the volume envelope will take to fade to its maximum level (ms).
  • FX Release: The time the volume envelope will take to return to zero from the sustain level after the note trigger is released (ms).
  • Close Mic: Neumann U87 close microphone volume.
  • Stereo Mic: Earthworks SR30 stereo pair volume.
  • Round Robin: Neighbouring zones Round Robin On/Off toggle.
  • Pedal Noise: Sustain pedal noise On/Off toggle.
  • Master Reverb: Master reverb send level, applies to both normal and FX samples.

Video Preview

Requires the full Kontakt sampler (version 5.6 or higher) by Native Instruments, which can be purchased here.

519 Unique Samples
Key Range: A-1 to C7
690.7 MB Required

Neumann U87 Close Mic
Earthworks SR30 Stereo Pair
Neighbouring Zones Round Robin

24bit, 48kHz WAVs compressed to NCW format