Plucked Grand (Kontakt)


Yamaha Baby Grand Piano with finger plucked samples.


With 574 samples, three velocities, four volume controls and a round robin effect, this plucked piano instrument is capable of a seriously versatile sound, sombre to bright, all within a simple interface. Plucked grand offers soft piano base tones that can be moderately or harshly brightened with plucked string samples – or just use the plucked samples for a unique piano sound in and of itself.

Finger plucked piano instrument for Kontakt

Plucked Grand uses a Yamaha Baby Grand recorded with intimate microphone placement using an old Neumann U87 and two shiny Earthworks SR30s. Each key has been recorded at three distinct velocities and finger plucked at one mid-velocity.

Please note: This instrument uses the same ‘base’ samples (i.e. Close Mic and Stereo Mic) as MK6 Infinite Grand. These instruments sound great played together, however you may wish to look into which piano instrument is best suited to your needs.


  • Close Mic: Neumann U87 close microphone volume.
  • Stereo Mic: Earthworks SR30 stereo pair volume.
  • Plucked Close: Neumann U87 close microphone volume (plucked piano).
  • Plucked Stereo: Earthworks SR30 stereo pair volume (plucked piano).
  • Round Robin: Neighbouring zones Round Robin On/Off toggle.
  • Pedal Noise: Sustain pedal noise On/Off toggle.
  • Reverb: Master reverb send level.

Requires the full Kontakt sampler (version 5.6 or higher) by Native Instruments, which can be purchased here.

574 Unique Samples
Key Range: A-1 to C7
592.4 MB Required

Neumann U87 Close Mic
Earthworks SR30 Stereo Pair
Neighbouring Zones Round Robin

24bit, 48kHz WAVs compressed to NCW format